Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Finds


I went to three estate sales this weekend.  This morning I went to a sale advertised as the "Estate Sale of a famous Opera Singer."  Other than finding treasures, I also enjoy reading or finding information about the people I am buying stuff from. I like to know who own what I am about to purchase or what I purchased.  I haven't had any luck finding her name, but I did see her pictures at her house.  Today was the last day of sale and bargain day.  I didn't find much.  I am not into Opera myself but I just like to see how people lived.  I bought a poster, just cause I like butterflies :) .
 I also bought these acrylic painting magazines
 A white elephant and wooden Angel figurine that kinda reminds me of a Koskeshi doll.
 At the other two sales I found four vinyl records, Exotic Guitars, Percy Faith, The sound of music and an old Cinderella book and record.
 At the sales I also bought some books like "The Purpose of a Dog," it was interesting to find it as I was barely talking about it with a co-worker this week. Also bought The Witches' Daughter book and A thousand Prayers. I also like elephants and have been finding little elephant figurines.  These below are from India and have baby elephants inside each.
I found these little dolls earlier this year and loved them, remind me of ladybugs.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I saw some of those same albums at estate sales this weekend. The ladybug dolls are adorable - I could never have resisted them!