Friday, December 27, 2013

Some Finds

Hello! Hope you had a Merry Christmas.  I am posting some of my finds.  I went to an Estate Sale this morning.  Records, Cd's and movies were advertised.  I started to buy records a while back, actually when I started going to Estate Sales.  They had a bunch of records, but they didn't appeal to me, plus people were almost on top of me trying to see the records.  I just bought two records, Cher and Sonny and one of Guitars.

I also found something on my Christmas wish list...a record cleaner.

And I started a new collection.  I am now collecting "play me" sharpeners.  They are made of metal and they were made in Spain in the 1970's.
Also, found this cute clown made of stones, love blue
I also bought some utensils and got these two brand new movies, the Beach House book and a precious moments magnet for free (pays to be a regular at Estate Sales)

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  1. Very nice finds! We love looking through the records, too, and also find it tough sometimes as we have to wait until the crowd ahead of us finishes their search. (Rob)