Sunday, December 14, 2014

I found some Fossils

Some fossil watches and tins that is... ;).  I went to an estate sale and the person was a fossil watch and items collector.  They had over 300+ watches, tins, shirts, caps, pencils etc.,  I am not a big watch person, nor fossil buyer, but  I bought two watches because they are of a character that i enjoyed watching while i was growing up.  It is funny, because usually when i have free time, i like to look at estate sales webpage and see pictures of sales happening all over the states and one day i was seeing all this Popeye collectibles and was thinking to myself, that in my saling time, i hadn't seen anything Popeye related items and then I go to this sale on Friday and there was Popeye.  The following is what I found and bought.

They had three watches, but I only bought two as I didn't want to spend much not knowing what else was for sale this weekend.  I am glad I just bought these two.  I also bought some tin boxes and pencils, two t-shirts (not pictured) that I liked.

I also bought books

I enjoy seeing your finds.  Thank you for stopping by and for your comments.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Books and a dream

I went to two estate sales this weekend.  They were both close to each other and about 40 minutes away from my house.   Had to make my drive worthwhile.  The first one was by my favorite estate sale company and it was already the second day of sale.  I got there and the house was close to empty.  Nothing for me.  Drove to the other sale, about 8 minutes away and located in the west side of town.  The area is called "The willows."  Or just in my dreams homes.  I can't even afford to dream of living there lol.  I still can do it.  I WILL DO IT!  Positive thinking...  I would love to live in this side of town, everything is green, surrounded by old tall trees and one can even breath pure fresh air.  One day...  This is part of their every day view.  (excuse my photos, only camera I own is my phone camera; need to invest in one soon)

It was barely 10 a.m. and sale had started at 8:00 and house was also almost empty.  I am starting to like this new estate sale company; they have sales at very nice homes and are very affordable.  I bought few things and mainly books.  LOVE BOOKS! Have a lot to read too.

Hope you have a great week and like always I am enjoying your finds.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Goodies Part 2

It was Sunday and I was debating to go to the sale where I saw the dresser and where I bought my last goodies. Can read about it here.   It took me almost all morning, but it was 2 pm and the sale ended at 3, so of I went.  The sale was like half hour away from my home, so I had 30 minutes to shop.  There was an accident on the freeway and traffic was at a stand still.  I made it 15 minutes till closing.  I looked for what i wanted and of course they were long gone.  I still searched for other goodies and came home with the just the following.

1962 Book

Vintage marked "Cali"

The dresser needed more work than what i initially thought, so it had to stay :(.  Do not have space for it in my garage.

I have been to other sales, but haven't bought anything that I don't immediately need or liked.  

Saturday, October 25, 2014



The estate sales seem to be slowing down.  I went to one estate sale last weekend and it was a bust.  I only bought a bottle of pine sol and a bottle of Windex.  They were only two sales that seem good this weekend and I went to both.  The first sale was advertised on estatesales website and I needed some of the items they had.  Was the fifth person to get to sale and waited about an hour to go in.  I bought a 16 ft ladder, an extension cord with it's reel, garden tools, books (I am a book hoarder) and the following thread holder.

The second sale was part 3 of a sale and it was given by my favorite estate sale company.  No offer was going to be denied.  I found me some salt and pepper shakers from Japan.

 Some vintage pastels for artists (not an artist, but buy them every time i see them)
 Vintage nut cups.

A wine box. Saw one on Ebay for $25, cost me less than a $1. They had more so might go back.
 I got a small box to put my finds and they said all that fits in box for $3, They didn't have to tell me twice. I added some bungy cords, paint brushes, vintage pencils (can't leave behind either), some nails, above items and a measuring stick. Thinking of going tomorrow.  I saw a vintage dresser that i been wanting and now regret not offering anything for it.  It was $30 and what turned me off is that it needed work. Yes, i know all vintage furniture needs a little TLC, but i have never re-purposed furniture, and it scared me off.  I need to start somehow, so If i find tomorrow i will buy it.  Kicking myself for not doing today.

googled and found at flickerhivemind webpage

I can't wait to see your finds. Thank you for leaving comments! Enjoy reading them and meeting fellow thrifters.

Have a great week!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Treasures

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I went to three estate sales this morning.  The first one was close to my house and was from one of the best company's in El Paso.  As I get there, maybe 5 minutes after opening.  I see no cars, no line and I go in anyway knowing it wasn't a good one.  You never know.  I went in and spend a bit and didn't find anything that i liked.  I suffer from empty hands syndrome, so I just bought a letter holder for .50.

The next sale was 20 minutes away and it was the second part of a sale that happened last week and that i couldn't attend due to me getting bronchitis.  I like the lady that runs the sale her name is Sylvia.  Only bad part is that she never posts prices on most of the items, so it is always a risk.  This house was full and it was the second part; the person was a hoarder.  There was food everywhere, a lot of course expired, but some good.  I don't buy food.  A lot to look at, but of course full of people so it is hard to move around.  This person collected a lot of different things. They had dolls, food, owls, tools, and clothes galore.  I saw a lot of people taking good stuff and I can only wonder what was gone last week.  This is the home where i found this weekend's treasures.  I found some storage bins for screws/nails, a soapstone walrus from Alaska (i think it's soapstone?? Anybody knows what it is?), a pencil that says Divad (bought because it is vintage and because my Dad's name was David and it spelled backwards).  The best find though is a bunch of 60's and 70's peanuts and other characters vintage books.  The following are my new treasures:

Also found these vintage earrings.

Vintage Crafts Encyclopedia

More vintage books. Love Dennis the Menace and just love the I love Broom Hilda.  That one i had never seen before.

The third sale wasn't good at all. I just walked around once and left.

Thank you for stopping by! Can't wait to see your finds.

Thanks for leaving comments!  Enjoy reading and meeting new people.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vintage Finds

I went to an estate sale at an old barn house.  The house and barn were advertised as full and they ask for us to go with gloves, flashlight and dust masks.  Of course i didn't do that lol.  I only had like 15 minutes to shop on Friday, since I had to go to work.  In my 15 minute shop I realize I would have to go back.  They had a lot of vintage goodies, that i wasn't able to see in that short time.  I only bought some vintage bobby pins, a medication lock, an old milk bottle, vintage scissors, and a Beatles CD.

 I bought this medicine box for my meds.  I don't have kids, so i didn't really need it.  I showed it to my mom and she said, "I wonder how my pills would look in that box?"  So it's no longer mine.
copied from the web

I went back to the sale today, Sunday, which is also bargain day.  I bought this vintage iron, a box of utensils (still individually wrapped) and an apple juice bottle to put my marbles in.

They also had a lot of vintage containers and luckily this was Part 1 of the sale, so i can go back prepared to dig.

Thank you for stopping by! I can't wait to view your finds.  Have a great week!

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