Saturday, January 4, 2014

From a hoarder/collector

Hello all! Today I went to the following sale:

"PART 1 HUMONGOUS (COLLECTORS) BUYERS ESTATE Hundreds of Electronics, Tools, Thousands of Office and Art and School Supplies. Easels, Thousands of Toys and Games. Tons of Leather, Woodworking, Dolls, Paintings, Frames, Office Chairs, Molds, All NEW in the box. Lamps, Garden Tools, Alpine Truck, Weights, Vaccum, Too Much Too List This Home is Packed!"

And boy it was packed! It was packed of both stuff and people.  I wasn't able to really take my time and see, but like it says it is the first part of the sale and there was a lot left and a lot more to come out and I might be back tomorrow for bargain day.  The following is what I bought.

1976 Wine bottle

Cute figurines

a puzzle and Lego game CD

Nice Cartooning book and Upholstery Basics books (excuse picture quality)
Color Pencils and cutesy stickers. ( I am always buying color pencils)

The Year at Maple Hill Farm, Mike Mullican and his Steam Shovel, If the dinosaurs came back, and  A house is a house for me children's books

A record

Baroque Record

Lynyrd Skynyrd Gold and Platinum Record

I also bought a lot of sketching and drawing paper for the artist that I am not ;), yup! I am becoming or shall I say I am a hoarder. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Hope this is a better year for all of you.  I wanted to share my resolutions for this new year and hopefully this helps me accomplish them.

1. Work on improving my health. Have diabetes and somehow I lost the fear of it.  Need to start working out and eating better.
2. Learn something new, ex, swim, sew.  I buy tread in almost every estate sale I go to and don't even sew :)
3. Follow a new recipe once a month. This should be easy since I don't cook.
4. Work on forgiveness
5. Improve on my shyness and be nicer to myself.  DATE DATE DATE.
6. Explore new places, go out more.  Want to go to a creek or lake.  Also, travel farther to thrift and find treasures.
7. And most importantly pay up some debt and put my current/first home for sale and buy my forever and home of my dreams.