Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I went to the second part of an Estate Sale of a lady that was a "collector" and I purchased a good amount of books.  This lady spent $3 million a year buying mainly books, jewelry and clothes.  Unfortunately, she lost her home and had to enter an assisted living facility.  The following picture shows a small amount of all the books she had.

Amongst those books I found a really good book called "The Elephant Whisperer,".  I finished this book very fast, as it kept me wanting to know what was next.  Book is non-fiction and about one of the greatest animals in the planet.  Made me love them more.  The book is about 9 elephants that were very close to getting killed and how someone gave them a second chance.  If you are an animal lover you will enjoy this book.  When I finished I looked for information about the author and to my ugly surprise, I found out he died last March.  My heart dropped.

Hope you have a great week!

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