Friday, March 28, 2014

12 Cents for a buck

Good morning!  I am enjoying a day off and I went to two estate sales this morning.  The first one was real good, but of course I can't afford all the good stuff.  So this is what I found.

A nice globe lamp for my starting collection.  This makes three globes so it is a collection in the making right?

A Hummel collectors guide book.  I don't collect these, but i like them.  Way out of my budget.

The lady at the sale added some of these booklets inside my Hummel book and charged my two bucks.
Sample of what's is inside

My first comic book.  It is a "12 cent" comic and I paid $1 for it...I am not sure why, but something tells me I overpaid :)  I actually went online and did a search and saw that one of these can be valued at $50, not sure how accurate that is.

A little Hummel plaque that I now regret buying, cause I have some wall hanging that is the same and I saw a Mighty Mouse comic for $8 that i could have bought instead.

The other sale was a complete bust. I just bought a can of "practice" spray paint.  Can't wait to see your finds.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That globe! It's gorgeous. I have a bit of a globe collection myself. I'm trying to make an attempt to stop at 15. The hubby is begging me actually. ; )

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I grab it as fast as I could, really liked the globe lamp. Its hard to stop