Monday, March 3, 2014

You Two

I went to two estate sales this weekend.  One started on Friday and I couldn't get out of work to go in the morning, so I attempted to find it during my lunch time, I got lost and I was using my phone.  I was like 1 minute away from my destination when I realized I wasn't going to make it back to work on time. UGHHHHHHHH.  So I went on the second day and of course what I had seen in pictures that I wanted was no longer there.  Some wood with blue vinyl chairs and a nice pitcher :(

The following is what I was able to find.

A storybook parade bank tin.

Another bottle for my small collection

A cute to me elephant

And the last thing I bough for $.19 was a U2 Achtung Baby CD.  All was $3.20.

And this is what I got from the second estate sale that was also on the second day and stuff remaining was out of my budget.  They had a lot of nice art, but the one I like was $225 that I can not afford.

Can't wait to see your finds! Have a great week!

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