Sunday, April 6, 2014

To sale or not to sale


I had a long weekend.  It started since Thursday.  I had to get a small procedure done and asked for time off.  I was debating as to go saling or not.  I didn't Friday nor Saturday, but today my thrifting angel or devil, not sure, kept insisting that I should go.  The sale was at the west side of town a good 45 minute drive, so i was very hesitant, but i gave in to the whispers.

I must say I found love, but later today I also found heart break.

This is what I fell in love with.

Had been thinking of lamps all week.  Was perusing estate sales all over Texas online and saw very nice lamps that I wanted.  As I walked in to the sale.  I immediately saw it and said it's mine.  It was the only lamp in the room.  So I was going to take it.   As I walk to see the remainder of last day leftovers, I saw its pair. OMG!! Since it was half off day, I paid for one only of course, but I was debating at first if I should take both.  I convinced myself to take both.  Love the lamp and blue is my favorite color.  I grab the first one and took it to my truck.  Came back for the other one, and it was a little loose, but I loved it so much I brought it with me.  As i was driving one tilted and I parked on the side and put it on another seat.  When I got home I noticed that the loose one was broken from the bottom, not sure if it was from the fall or if it was already like that.  That was my heart break.  That one is broken... :(.  I still love them and will keep them until I fall in love again.  Maybe next week ;)

Can't wait to see your finds. Thank you for stopping by!

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