Sunday, May 25, 2014

Finally back saling


I haven't been saling much since I had to have surgery to remove a cyst.  I went back to my sales last week, but I went on Sunday and it was final day and the picking was slim.  I did find some goodies, but not as much as i could have possibly find.  I found this nice brass whale.  I love whales and I think is a cutie!

I also found the Finding Nemo, two disc DVD, two books and a bird feeder (not pictured)

I went to three sales today, also final day, but it went well.   In my first sale I found nine books, a notebook, new warm ups, a bunch of different type thumb tacks, stickers and nice ladybug bookmark for a total of $2.70.

At the second sale, which started today, didn't look good. I was already about to leave when I saw that they had a bunch of plants for five dollars.  I love geranios, so I told the gentleman selling that I was going to take one and then he said "since that is the first sale of the day, it's yours for free," woohoo! So then I decided to take two.  I like the big pots and they are rustic.

The third sale was also final day and looked promising.  To my surprise it wasn't that good.  I did find three records, a small doll made with safety pins and a bookmark for $2.00.

I was $.30 shy of $10.00 and I was a happy camper.  Can't wait to see your finds! Thanks for stopping by.

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