Saturday, October 25, 2014



The estate sales seem to be slowing down.  I went to one estate sale last weekend and it was a bust.  I only bought a bottle of pine sol and a bottle of Windex.  They were only two sales that seem good this weekend and I went to both.  The first sale was advertised on estatesales website and I needed some of the items they had.  Was the fifth person to get to sale and waited about an hour to go in.  I bought a 16 ft ladder, an extension cord with it's reel, garden tools, books (I am a book hoarder) and the following thread holder.

The second sale was part 3 of a sale and it was given by my favorite estate sale company.  No offer was going to be denied.  I found me some salt and pepper shakers from Japan.

 Some vintage pastels for artists (not an artist, but buy them every time i see them)
 Vintage nut cups.

A wine box. Saw one on Ebay for $25, cost me less than a $1. They had more so might go back.
 I got a small box to put my finds and they said all that fits in box for $3, They didn't have to tell me twice. I added some bungy cords, paint brushes, vintage pencils (can't leave behind either), some nails, above items and a measuring stick. Thinking of going tomorrow.  I saw a vintage dresser that i been wanting and now regret not offering anything for it.  It was $30 and what turned me off is that it needed work. Yes, i know all vintage furniture needs a little TLC, but i have never re-purposed furniture, and it scared me off.  I need to start somehow, so If i find tomorrow i will buy it.  Kicking myself for not doing today.

googled and found at flickerhivemind webpage

I can't wait to see your finds. Thank you for leaving comments! Enjoy reading them and meeting fellow thrifters.

Have a great week!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Treasures

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I went to three estate sales this morning.  The first one was close to my house and was from one of the best company's in El Paso.  As I get there, maybe 5 minutes after opening.  I see no cars, no line and I go in anyway knowing it wasn't a good one.  You never know.  I went in and spend a bit and didn't find anything that i liked.  I suffer from empty hands syndrome, so I just bought a letter holder for .50.

The next sale was 20 minutes away and it was the second part of a sale that happened last week and that i couldn't attend due to me getting bronchitis.  I like the lady that runs the sale her name is Sylvia.  Only bad part is that she never posts prices on most of the items, so it is always a risk.  This house was full and it was the second part; the person was a hoarder.  There was food everywhere, a lot of course expired, but some good.  I don't buy food.  A lot to look at, but of course full of people so it is hard to move around.  This person collected a lot of different things. They had dolls, food, owls, tools, and clothes galore.  I saw a lot of people taking good stuff and I can only wonder what was gone last week.  This is the home where i found this weekend's treasures.  I found some storage bins for screws/nails, a soapstone walrus from Alaska (i think it's soapstone?? Anybody knows what it is?), a pencil that says Divad (bought because it is vintage and because my Dad's name was David and it spelled backwards).  The best find though is a bunch of 60's and 70's peanuts and other characters vintage books.  The following are my new treasures:

Also found these vintage earrings.

Vintage Crafts Encyclopedia

More vintage books. Love Dennis the Menace and just love the I love Broom Hilda.  That one i had never seen before.

The third sale wasn't good at all. I just walked around once and left.

Thank you for stopping by! Can't wait to see your finds.

Thanks for leaving comments!  Enjoy reading and meeting new people.

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