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The estate sales seem to be slowing down.  I went to one estate sale last weekend and it was a bust.  I only bought a bottle of pine sol and a bottle of Windex.  They were only two sales that seem good this weekend and I went to both.  The first sale was advertised on estatesales website and I needed some of the items they had.  Was the fifth person to get to sale and waited about an hour to go in.  I bought a 16 ft ladder, an extension cord with it's reel, garden tools, books (I am a book hoarder) and the following thread holder.

The second sale was part 3 of a sale and it was given by my favorite estate sale company.  No offer was going to be denied.  I found me some salt and pepper shakers from Japan.

 Some vintage pastels for artists (not an artist, but buy them every time i see them)
 Vintage nut cups.

A wine box. Saw one on Ebay for $25, cost me less than a $1. They had more so might go back.
 I got a small box to put my finds and they said all that fits in box for $3, They didn't have to tell me twice. I added some bungy cords, paint brushes, vintage pencils (can't leave behind either), some nails, above items and a measuring stick. Thinking of going tomorrow.  I saw a vintage dresser that i been wanting and now regret not offering anything for it.  It was $30 and what turned me off is that it needed work. Yes, i know all vintage furniture needs a little TLC, but i have never re-purposed furniture, and it scared me off.  I need to start somehow, so If i find tomorrow i will buy it.  Kicking myself for not doing today.

googled and found at flickerhivemind webpage

I can't wait to see your finds. Thank you for leaving comments! Enjoy reading them and meeting fellow thrifters.

Have a great week!

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  1. i really like the little red cauldron s&p shakers! cute and useful.

  2. I'm a book hoarder too! Love the salt and pepper shakers. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo

  3. If the dresser you were going to buy looks like the one in that picture - I would've picked it up in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing @ TTF.

  4. Love the spool holder. Good finds.