Monday, November 10, 2014

Books and a dream

I went to two estate sales this weekend.  They were both close to each other and about 40 minutes away from my house.   Had to make my drive worthwhile.  The first one was by my favorite estate sale company and it was already the second day of sale.  I got there and the house was close to empty.  Nothing for me.  Drove to the other sale, about 8 minutes away and located in the west side of town.  The area is called "The willows."  Or just in my dreams homes.  I can't even afford to dream of living there lol.  I still can do it.  I WILL DO IT!  Positive thinking...  I would love to live in this side of town, everything is green, surrounded by old tall trees and one can even breath pure fresh air.  One day...  This is part of their every day view.  (excuse my photos, only camera I own is my phone camera; need to invest in one soon)

It was barely 10 a.m. and sale had started at 8:00 and house was also almost empty.  I am starting to like this new estate sale company; they have sales at very nice homes and are very affordable.  I bought few things and mainly books.  LOVE BOOKS! Have a lot to read too.

Hope you have a great week and like always I am enjoying your finds.

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