Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Goodies Part 2

It was Sunday and I was debating to go to the sale where I saw the dresser and where I bought my last goodies. Can read about it here.   It took me almost all morning, but it was 2 pm and the sale ended at 3, so of I went.  The sale was like half hour away from my home, so I had 30 minutes to shop.  There was an accident on the freeway and traffic was at a stand still.  I made it 15 minutes till closing.  I looked for what i wanted and of course they were long gone.  I still searched for other goodies and came home with the just the following.

1962 Book

Vintage marked "Cali"

The dresser needed more work than what i initially thought, so it had to stay :(.  Do not have space for it in my garage.

I have been to other sales, but haven't bought anything that I don't immediately need or liked.  


  1. Love the folding ruler and the little shovel. Thanks for sharing @ TTF.

  2. the little shovel is really adorable!

  3. I hate shopping in a rush like that! But at least you had time to grab a few things! Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays! Jo

  4. I like hitting sales at the end of the day, when they just don't care anymore and want it all gone, you can make off with a ton o' goodies!