Sunday, December 14, 2014

I found some Fossils

Some fossil watches and tins that is... ;).  I went to an estate sale and the person was a fossil watch and items collector.  They had over 300+ watches, tins, shirts, caps, pencils etc.,  I am not a big watch person, nor fossil buyer, but  I bought two watches because they are of a character that i enjoyed watching while i was growing up.  It is funny, because usually when i have free time, i like to look at estate sales webpage and see pictures of sales happening all over the states and one day i was seeing all this Popeye collectibles and was thinking to myself, that in my saling time, i hadn't seen anything Popeye related items and then I go to this sale on Friday and there was Popeye.  The following is what I found and bought.

They had three watches, but I only bought two as I didn't want to spend much not knowing what else was for sale this weekend.  I am glad I just bought these two.  I also bought some tin boxes and pencils, two t-shirts (not pictured) that I liked.

I also bought books

I enjoy seeing your finds.  Thank you for stopping by and for your comments.

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