Sunday, May 24, 2015

I am back


Long time no blog.  I went missing for a bit, I was selling my first home.  To my great surprise, I sold my house within days of posting.  I posted on January 4 and by January 28 the listing was removed.  I finally closed on March 2.  While packing i vowed NEVER EVER to go estate saling again, OMG all the stuff one accumulates!  Of course after settling in a rental home (want to take time buying again) the estate sales yelled at me to go. I swear they did :).  I been buying mainly furniture and big stuff, since the home I am renting is a little bigger than the one I sold.  I have found some goodies.  I am sharing with you just a bit of what I found in the last months.

I found more Peanuts' books


ladybug ashtray

ceramic bowling pen/pencil holder

For some reason i had so much trouble uploading pictures correctly today.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving messages, hope to see your finds soon.

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